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Art Gala 2019
1:00 PM13:00

Art Gala 2019

A huge Thank you to Inna Race (Founder of The Art Gala & Private Paparazzi Productions) & everyone involved in making this charity event a success!

 While our professional photographs are getting ready, please enjoy some pics from the "Butterfli3ffect" perspective... ( small amount of recap photos)

The Art Gala 2019: Keep Going… Don’t Quit!

Sponsored by: Label Furniture/ Ron Race; Prosperity Home Mortgage/ Alex Luboff; Clarins/ Christy Morriss Cella; Kevin Toale; Media Home Care; Bradford Portraits; Arts Ballroom Catering; Wise Guy Productions

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The Art Gala "Imagine"
to May 14

The Art Gala "Imagine"

Visual Artist Theron Cook aka 'BUTTERFLI3FFECT"

Will be displaying (ART & Live Painting) at:

  • Location: Arts Ballroom
  • 1324 Locust St. Philadelphia PA
  • Saturday May 13th, 2017
  • 7pm

The Art Gala "Imagine"

For the second year The Art Gala team of volunteers and sponsors are sharing their talent, time, knowledge, money and, more importantly, their Hearts and Love, to create an Event that celebrates Arts and raising awareness... Arts? Artists? Charity?
Is Art just the eye candy, or Art is at the very epicenter of humanity? 
Please follow the link for more...…/the-art-gala-…/

 With the support of our Sponsors, as well as that of Artists, Musicians, and Designers, we intend to create a Great Energy event to raise Anti-Bullying Awareness and to raise money for The Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. We want to remind everyone, once again, that Everything is possible. Get your imagination going for The Art Gala: Where Art, Music and Fashion Dance together. 

Don’t let anything or anyone stop You! Imagine, believe, and create. Imagine … and be!

The Art Gala “Imagine” created to remind everyone, once again, that Everything is possible.
On May 13th, 2017 in Philadelphia, with your support, as well as that of Artists, Musicians, and Designers, we intend to create a Great Energy event to raise Anti-Bullying Awareness.

Details at:
Sponsored by:– Bathroom Furniture; Geno’s Steaks; Dove Medical Press; Arts Ballroom.

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First City Project
6:00 PM18:00

First City Project

OPENING @FirstCityProject THURSDAY MARCH 2nd • 6PM Featuring Over 100 #Artists • Complimentary #Food@GorillaCheeseNYC • Sweet Agenda featuring @DoughDoughnuts#NewYorkDeliPickle • #Drink @GarviesPointBrewery • @NotoriousPinkRose @MonsterEnergy • #Music #ARTofMAC #FirstCityProject#DiscoverGlencove #MartinoAutoConcepts #JoeMAC 
#nyc #gallery #streetart #street #streetphotography #sprayart #urban#urbanart #urbanwalls #glencove #GraffMansion photo by @streetartnyc #butterfli3ffect @butterfli3ffect

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to Oct 2


I AM ART NYC “2016" is set to make it’s world premiere on October 1st with a “two-day” Viisual Art, Music & Food Showcase with it's own Kids Pavillion. I AM ART festival will offer a fusion of all art forms manifested in music, the culinary arts and various forms of street art from around the world. 

Ralph McDaniels is set to host the celebration at Brooklyn's Industry City

Artists will have a 22,000 sq ft space converted into a gallery featuring the works of The Art of Brian Kirhagis aka BK The Artist, John Born, Desmond Mason Art, Jay West, Theron Cook & more. We've also hand selected some of the top DJs in NY featuring DJ ENVY of Power 105.1 FMFreedom Party NYC DJs Herbert HollerDjcosi Levy and Marc Smooth, Producer and Super DJ Eli Escobar amongst others! You can also expect a special performance by Les Nubians, the incredible Teen sensation from Brooklyn Unlocking the Truth and the amazing Sly5thAve and his ClubCasa Chamber Orchestradoing a special Biggie Tribute along with some incredible covers of the biggest pop and hip hop tunes with his 20 piece orchestra!

We'll have an entire area devoted to children with it's own curated art activites by professional artists including Art Walls/Mural painting, Sneaker Painting designs led by graffiti artist Sen One, interactive artistic technical demonstration by Microsoft, a Young Picasso Award presentation to top young artisans in NYC, an amazing storytelling experience by master storyteller Daniel Carlton and more.

The Culinary Experience will feature cooking demonstrations and the art of "plating" by Chef Glaze and Chef Shana.

October 1st and 2nd, the only place you want to be is at I AM ART NYC. Tickets are only $20 per day or purchase a two day pass for only $30. Click the link above for tickets and additional VIP offers.

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Holy Art Show!
7:00 PM19:00

Holy Art Show!

Holy Art Show!
4 day art exhibiton! Opening night Thursday May 12, 2016. Frankie Velez and Savior Elmundo will be back at Cafe de la Esquina in Williamsburg curating another awesome event. 

In essence, the show will highlight Latino Catholicism emerged in street art and pop expression ; the bold and vibrant colors of Latino Catholicism religion with a respectful, but artistic twist, combining elements of art culture with religious symbolism. Imagine a priest offering the wafer, which represents the body of Christ, but instead of the wafer, we see a spray can in his hand.

The portrayal of religion is art as opposed to a true representation of Catholic symbolism. It's the passion and devotion of art delivered through the passion and devotion of religion.

Featured Artists
Misha Tyutyunik
Albertus Joseph
Savior Elmundo
Ivan Orama
Marc Evan
Will Power
Ben Angotti
Dee Razo
Carlito Sixtwofour
Jill Folino
Nicole Marie
Theron Cook
Lost Breed Culture (Luis x Fausto)
Randy Quiles
Rush Humphrey

Music by DJ Tahleim

L train to the Bedford stop in Williamsburg,Brooklyn

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