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Chaos Theory AKA "Butterfli3ffect"


Chaos Theory AKA "Butterfli3ffect"

Theron Cook

Chaos Theory AKA "Butterfly Effect" (Metamorphosis from a PA caterpillar to a NYC butterfly)...

Soaring in the sky enjoying the view, landing on pink, red, and purple beautiful flowers as I come down. Drinking the nectar from the flowers through my tongue, which functions like a straw. Siping up and gaining sustenance from tree sap, organic material and (New york natives). Chaos is everywhere in NYC, from nature's most intimate considerations to art of every kind. A tiny difference in my initial parameters resulted in a completely different behavior of a complex system (metro area). I had to keep up, learn fast, and make quick decisions without fear! It was like trying to figure out the earth's weather system, or migratory patterns of birds! lol 

Living in New York City for seven months taught me that nature most often works in patterns, which are caused by the sum of many tiny pulses. The Uncertainty Principle (fear) prohibits accuracy, in the present and future. So I'm flying with faith, Love, and patience which creates my pulse. (No fear!) 

Metamorphosis is pure magic in nature when a beautiful butterfly emerges fully formed from a chrysalis that was spun from a crawling caterpillar. You may think about a butterfly as a living flower, displaying its beauty wherever it goes. Well my vivid bright colored wings deter predators by suggesting (Confidence, Self Awareness, and Love). Attracting like minds, inspiration, mates and by standing out against the blue sky. The wing coloration and flight path lend a special touch of beauty to nature and or (NYC metro area).

However, as a butterfly I do more than just paint a pretty picture . I help flowers pollinate, eat plenty of weedy plants, and provide a food source for other animals with education through the arts! Being a tropical heliconian butterfly I have a average life-span of approximately 9 months. I will live in the future with my story and my off-springs! 

Stay tuned... "A Butterfly By Day A Moth By Night"...