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Holy Art Show!

Theron Cook

Holy Art Show!
4 day art exhibiton! Opening night Thursday May 12, 2016. Frankie Velez and Savior Elmundo will be back at Cafe de la Esquina in Williamsburg curating another awesome event. 

In essence, the show will highlight Latino Catholicism emerged in street art and pop expression ; the bold and vibrant colors of Latino Catholicism religion with a respectful, but artistic twist, combining elements of art culture with religious symbolism. Imagine a priest offering the wafer, which represents the body of Christ, but instead of the wafer, we see a spray can in his hand.

The portrayal of religion is art as opposed to a true representation of Catholic symbolism. It's the passion and devotion of art delivered through the passion and devotion of religion.

Featured Artists
Misha Tyutyunik
Albertus Joseph
Savior Elmundo
Ivan Orama
Marc Evan
Will Power
Ben Angotti
Dee Razo
Carlito Sixtwofour
Jill Folino
Nicole Marie

Theron Cook

Lost Breed Culture (Luis x Fausto)
Randy Quiles
Rush Humphrey

Music by DJ Tahleim

L train to the Bedford stop in Williamsburg,Brooklyn

Sneak Peek of #theroncookart new painting for the show tomorrow. See you there!