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Imagine Art Workshop

Theron Cook

Imagine Art Workshop recap

Saturday's event was a success. The one day art workshop popup gallery was located at the Reading public museum. Not only was it a well attended & a sold out show, but there were people from all areas of our community there enjoying this unique art experience.

Thank you to all those who were able to attend. I definitely appreciate the love & continued support!

Major shoutout to all the sponsors. 

Stay tuned…



Theron Cook

"Who Am I" Art Project with Visual Artist Theron Cook “The Village”

Theron Cook

"Who Am I" Art Project with Visual Artist Theron Cook "The Village" (Small video clip) Thank you everyone for a wonderful successful end of the Summer event we are truly grateful! - Look for "The Village" in 2020!

"Who Am I" Art Project with Visual Artist Theron Cook

“The Village”

Thank you everyone for a wonderful successful end of the Summer event we are truly grateful! - Look for “The Village” in 2020!

Shoutout to:
Darra McLendon,  Johanna Fletcher, Kathy Kauffman-Garrison, Madelin Collins, Eric Davis, Amber Michelle, Joseph Ryan, RobGod Icare Evolution, Theron Cook, Peter John Lopez, Victor Soto, Jarad Fletcher, Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz, Nate Rivera, Tara Harter, Lizette Epps, with Visions Federal Credit Union, Kerry with the AL Precious Fils-Aime and EVERYONE who helped.

Pictures by Isaiah Cook

The Art Gala 2019

Theron Cook

A huge Thank you to Inna Race (Founder of The Art Gala & Private Paparazzi Productions) & everyone involved in making this charity event a success!

 While our professional photographs are getting ready, please enjoy some pics from the "Butterfli3ffect" perspective... ( small amount of recap photos)

The Art Gala 2019: Keep Going… Don’t Quit!

Sponsored by: Label Furniture/ Ron Race; Prosperity Home Mortgage/ Alex Luboff; Clarins/ Christy Morriss Cella; Kevin Toale; Media Home Care; Bradford Portraits; Arts Ballroom Catering; Wise Guy Productions

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Butterfli3ffect "Rhthym Of The Arts" Jazz Fest Event

Theron Cook

Live Painting At Callowhill Boutique

Saturday's event was a successful show to kick off the Jazz fest. The one day popup gallery was located at a small boutique in Reading PA. Not only was it a well attended show but there were people from RDG, DC, NYC, & the regional areas. Artist "Theron Cook was in action "Live Painting" as the people strolled in and out of the gallery sipping wine & nibbling on refreshments. There was a small Q&A session where people were engaging with the artist and from that open conversation inspired 2 of 14 original paintings sold by the end of the event. 

Thank you to all those who were able to attend. Our Next event is: 

April 14th (Good Friday)

Meet & Greet "Butterfli3ffect"
(Exclusive Private Event)

Friday, April 14, 2017
7:00pm  10:00pm
Heights Wines & Spirits
4474 Broadway New York, NY, 10040 United States



Theron Cook

Moving from Reading, PA, to New York City was a metamorphosis, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. I was a very hungry caterpillar, hatching from an egg and stuffing myself with leaves, going through a series of moltings to shed my skin. 

 One day, I (the caterpillar) stopped eating, hung myself upside down from a leaf and spun myself a silky cocoon. Inside the cocoon (Reading), I started the digestive process by digesting myself (meditation). I used all the protein-rich soup around me to fuel the rapid cell division required to form my necessary adult-artist body parts: the wings, antennae, legs, eyes, genitals, etc. This is the process I needed to become a mature-artist butterfly! 

 What you are about to witness is Chaos Theory…the Butterfly Effect that will illustrate small initial differences leading to unforeseen results within nine months.

 Stay tuned for the Butterfly Effect!

 Theron Cook

Stay tuned...


Theron Cook

Last night was a brillant execution of celebrating the arts! The artwork and stories of hundreds of artists around the world was digitally displayed as part of the "Creators Deserve to be Seen" project. Live performances were going on all night long with complimentary cocktails provided by Soto, Captain Laurence Brewing Company, and Matcha Bar. All this was happening in the Frank Gehry designed, fourth floor of 4 Times Square building the heart of Manhattan! #TheronCookArt (painting) was selected for the exhibition category "The Beauty Of Color", & was digitally displayed all night! Thank you @chashama for this incredible opportunity! Enjoy the pictures below from last night! A recap video is on my Facebook page and IG @theroncook as well.




Theron Cook

Frankie Velez and Savior Elmundo curated another awesome event at Cafe de la Esquina in Williamsburg. This 4 day art exhibition will be on display Saturday & Sunday 12pm-10pm... Please come see it!!! 

In essence, the show highlights Latino Catholicism emerged in street art and pop expression ; with a respectful artistic twist combining elements of art culture with religious symbolism.
Featured Artists
Misha Tyutyunik
Albertus Joseph
Savior Elmundo
Ivan Orama
Marc Evan
Will Power
Ben Angotti
Dee Razo
Carlito Sixtwofour
Jill Folino
Nicole Marie
Theron Cook
Lost Breed Culture (Luis x Fausto)
Randy Quiles
Rush Humphrey

Music by DJ Tahleim

L train to the Bedford stop in Williamsburg,Brooklyn

Enjoy the pictures provided below


L.E.O. Mural Project Part 2

Theron Cook

Recap: L.E.O. Mural Project Part 2

Enjoy the pictures & recap video provided below. Please feel free to like share & or comment. Stay tuned for more! Thanks!

Big shout out to our aspiring photographer Kstar-Images who took all the pictures & videos! Check out her work here: Also a huge thank you to all the sponsors:      Berks Arts CouncilMute Media LLC (Mute Mag)13th & Green Elementary School.

L.E.O. Mural Project Part 1

Theron Cook

L.E.O. "Love EveryOne" ... Connecting through tHEARTS

L.E.O. is an acronym for  "Love EveryOne" This is a nonprofit organization working to educate kids & the community, on the influence of art in our everyday lives. Through L.E.O. , We have the ability not only to beautify and enhance people’s lives and environments, but also to bring them together, to inspire dialogue, to produce work that acts as a bridge between individuals, that paves the way for us to communicate with one another, to open up and share our experiences. 
We paint murals, public art projects, fine art canvases, & large commercial signage anywhere.

The first project of L.E.O. started this past weekend Sat. March 19th at 13th & Green Elementary School in Reading PA. Due to the size of the mural we were limited to the number of students and community kids to come help with this project but we are expecting everything to grow as we move forward. Look below for a gallery of pictures showcasing our first day creating The L.E.O. Mural project at 13th & Green Elementary School.  

Big shout out to our aspiring photographer Kstar-Images who took all the pictures & videos! Check out her work here:  Look out for the edited and finished product of her documenting this project with her photography. Also a huge thank you to all the sponsors:      Berks Arts Council, Mute Media LLC (Mute Mag), 13th & Green Elementary School. 

More to come so stay tuned...   

Hydra Artist Studios Open House Art Show

Theron Cook

Hydra Artist Studios Open House Art Show Recap

I #theroncookart was invited to showcase a few of my paintings at #hydraartiststudios this pass Saturday March 19th. It was Hydra's first public exhibition & this show included art works by Theron cook, Lisa Gauker, Sean Poole, Matt Deterior, Hunter Van Ormer, Matthew Mazurkiewicz, T-Bone & Aljax, Todd Geiger, Root 222, Anthony Mark, Schon Wanner, Deric Hettinger, Yenna Hill with music act by Grexin.

Enjoy some photos of this dope event!